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My Birth 1932

untitled (5)
Frida Kahlo created this painting imagining herself being born.


Memory 1937

As a result of Diego Rivera’s affair with Frida’s sister she stopped wearing her traditional clothing and cut her hair. Frida being armless in the painting suggest her feeling of hopelessness. Her chest is pierced by a rod and the heart is huge because it feels so much.

A Few Small Nips 1935


This painting was created when Diego had an Affair with Frida’s sister Christina. Frida was deeply hurt that she felt murdered by life. Frida Kahlo took another woman’s misfortune of her lover stabbing her to death twenty times. The tittle was inspired by a song called “My sweetie does not love me anymore.”

The Dream 1940

Frida Kahlo painted her dreaming of a time long after death, when plants would come out of her grave. The explosives on the skeleton above symbolized that at any moment they could explode making Frida’s dream of death a reality. Frida saw death as a fact of life and as something to be faced and accepted. Which connected with her Mexican culture because death is festive and celebrated on the day of the dead.