Henry Ford Hospital 1932

In this painting there is a series of symbolic objects floating around of her emotions of the time when she had a miscarriage. The snail symbolizes the slowness of the miscarriage. The male fetus symbolizes little Diego that Frida always wanted to have. The broken pelvis which prevented her from having children. The large lavender orchid was thought as an extracted uterus, Diego had gave it to Frida at the hospital. This painting was very meaningful because it in overall it reflected Frida’s agony for infertility.


My Dress Hangs There 1933


Frida Kahlo created this painting while she was in the New York city. In the painting her traditional dress is just hanging there in what is interpreted as being in the middle of U.S chaos and its technology. She expressed her discontentment with U.S human values.

Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress 1926

This is one of Frida Kahlo’s first self portrait painting. Frida created this painting in 1926 as a gift for her boyfriend Alejandro Gomez, who had left her. They rejoined when he received this painting. This painting also reflected Frida Kahlo’s interest in the Italian Renaissance and was Frida’s interpretation of Botticelli’s “Venus.”

Broken Column 1944


This painting is a reflection of Frida’s physical pain and suggest the horror of surgical procedures that she went through as a result of her accident. This painting transmits her health suffrage by the nails stuck into her face and flesh, the split in her torso with a metal ionic column that replaces her own deteriorating vertebrae and her tears.